Secret Easter Bunny

European Street Team has a great organization under the name of Secret Easter Bunny. This is the first time which I am a part of this organization. Our leader for this game is Artmind

I have just received my gift today and was in a hurry to open it and share with my friends.
Do you wonder from whom
From my Dear friend IRAGRANT I advise you to visit her great SHOP by clicking her name.

I opened my box by getting excited then I saw another beautiful pack. When I opened that envelope I saw so warm and friendly note from IRA.
I am sure that you wonder too ::)) Ok Are you ready ???
I am alone at home so I could not take a photo on my sholder so I want to show my gorgeous bag together with my garden's view.

My Dear Ira I thank you most willingly for your awesome gift.

13 yorum:

  1. Wow! What a wonderful present! Lucky girl you are! :)

  2. Lovely bag from Ira! It's beautifully wrapped as well. Congrats on your bunny gift Ayse!


  3. How lovely of you to do this Ayse, and I'm glad you like the bag:)

  4. Beautiful bag and a superb color too, you lucky bunny!

  5. Oh woooooooooooooow!!!!!!!!!!!
    Aaah! Now I'm sooo jealous (I already was seing the great gifts for fleur's birthday) but that gorgeous bag! And it's my favorite color as well!

  6. Wow! What a lovely bag! Lucky gal!

  7. Wow, lucky girl!! What a fantastic bag, the color is stunning!

  8. Ayşe , you are so lucky girl:) Great bag from sweet secret bunny Ira:)

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  11. Such a wonderful gift by Ira! Lucky Ayse:-)

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