Today is 31.12.2008 its 19:30 a.m and suddenly florist came and brought this big and gorgeous flower bouquet. This is from my friend Bahri who is living in Germany. This bouquet is the biggest one as I ever get Its about 1.5 meter long. Thank you very much my dear friend


Snow Snow Snow

Today we have more snow :)


2 days more for christmas night and its snowing here. I love our garden under snow and I captured a few from windows.


aysetugrul Handmade Jewelery: Oriental Turkish Night

Today We had unexpected visitors :) The house of our neighbour is very historical house more than 90 years. And nowadays there is a TV movie about historical man (name is ipsiz recep) on national channel. And they came here today for it.They were in our garden for luch time :)
They were planning scene
Another view
Behind of Camera

May be I will act in one part of it Of course its not a leading role ::)))