Today is 31.12.2008 its 19:30 a.m and suddenly florist came and brought this big and gorgeous flower bouquet. This is from my friend Bahri who is living in Germany. This bouquet is the biggest one as I ever get Its about 1.5 meter long. Thank you very much my dear friend


Snow Snow Snow

Today we have more snow :)


2 days more for christmas night and its snowing here. I love our garden under snow and I captured a few from windows.


aysetugrul Handmade Jewelery: Oriental Turkish Night

Today We had unexpected visitors :) The house of our neighbour is very historical house more than 90 years. And nowadays there is a TV movie about historical man (name is ipsiz recep) on national channel. And they came here today for it.They were in our garden for luch time :)
They were planning scene
Another view
Behind of Camera

May be I will act in one part of it Of course its not a leading role ::)))


The Devil Wears Etsy: Little Black Dress
I am so hapy that my black & gold earrings choosed by capitolagirl on her blog. She made great selection.


Oriental Turkish Night

Wow I had a great night with my friends last night at my cousens horse village http://www.binefatciftligi.com It was a typical Turkish amusement night with oriental instruments. We sang old turkish songs all together with these musicians.

Than we dance so much of course belly dance :) and others

My two cousens trying to sing with kareoke :) See their expression
oooo what is that? Is that a big big belly :( OMG


I just finished seewing gift bag for my last customer. I made it from organza. I hope that my mother's hand get well soon a.s.a.p and so she can sew these for me :)


My mother watched a television documentary a couple of years ago and told me that I should put a cactus near my computer. On that programme they said that cactus plant is like a radiation collector. When I search from internet I saw that " Cactus Emulator is a fancy utility. It simulates the cactus properties. These miraculous plants can protect you from electromagnetic radiation, stabilize your sexuality, regenerate the earth power, help you to get more energy.
Cactus and computer users found that cactuses can stop computer radiation, clean your aura, improve your sexual energy, guard people from other creatures, and more.
You can enable radiation protection, life force, joyful, aura cleansing, love, beauty, inner cleansing, and golden barrel cactuses. "

So I advise to my all friends that put a cactus near by your computer for your health.


My mother 's Mafia

Last Summer my mother decided to grow chicken. But now we have more than 60 of them. She is feeding on them with many vegetables, all waste foods from our kitchen and wheat. We eat organic egg every morning so we are lucky more than city people.
But when they go out from hen house it is so funny, all of them are black :) I am saying that they are my mother's mafia team


this week challenge theme is "aqua" by Amanda. This is my entry for this challenge. Let's wait and see the winner

Today is 12th November 2008. The Düzce earthquake of 1999 was an eartquake that occurred on 12 November 1999 at 18.57 with a magnitude of 7.2[1], causing damage and 894 fatalities in Duzce (my city) . The epicenter was approximately 100 km to the east of the magnitude 7.4[2]
1999 İzmit earthquake of 17 October 1999 , which killed over 17,000 people. We were lucky to save our life. It is impossible to forget that terrible day.


Welcome to my blog

I have been using internet since 1998. But I have just got a blog by recommends of my friends from ETSY. First of all I want to thank to my friends
I was born in 1968 in Duzce. I lived 17 years in istanbul and now again in my motherland together with my mother and brother. I graduated from the economics faculty of Istanbul University and some for 15 years or so worked in the management teams of a small number of reputable companies.
I have been working for jewelry designing since 2004 and happier with these colorful materials than my ex professional business life.
I want to meet with my friends from all over the world in this blog and want to share every color from my life.